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We specialise in developing women leaders and creating positive and inclusive cultures using a range of learning interventions. We deliver;

We specialise in developing women leaders and creating positive and inclusive cultures                  



Our 6-month ‘UNITE’ Leadership Program for Women encompasses an experiential learning approach that includes face-to-face learning, group work, mentoring, coaching, 360 degree reports and self-reflection.


We have three modules focused on future-proofing women's careers, empowering relationship building, and inspiring others through leadership.

Our UNITE program is our foundation for women, and from there we build powerful alliances across each business we work with - by delivering BOOST and CATALYST workshops to the UNITE program Sponsors and Line Leaders.  We ensure that all leaders and stakeholders are aligned around growing high performance women leaders for tomorrow.



Established research shows that a high level of self-awareness has a direct impact on leadership performance and well-being. We use coaching both in tandem with our UNITE program and also as stand-alone development coaching for women and those wanting to develop an inclusive leadership style. 


‘THRIVE’ is our coaching program for new emerging and high potential leaders and ‘INSPIRE’ is our coaching program for established, high performing leaders. Our coaching aims to stretch and challenge high performers, assist in times of career transition and career-pathing, guide through leadership development and promotions, and coach for higher performance delivery.



Our BOOST workshop focuses on breaking bias in the workplace for managers and leaders (of all genders!).  The BOOST content covers unconscious bias and how to coach, mentor and sponsor effectively across diverse employees.

Our CATALYST workshop focuses on culture change and leveraging inclusive leadership.  The CATALYST content covers the habits of the inclusive leader and the critical importance of building multi-stakeholder alliances to advance a culture of inclusion and positively impact the bottom line of any business.

Through a combination of presenting leaders with the research around the relevant behavioural science, the best practices across industry, and through discussion and application of ideas; our BOOST and CATALYST workshops bring new insights and positive practices around diversity and inclusion to life in your organisation, benefiting the business outcomes.



We believe developing women leaders can only be accurately worked on within the context of your organisational culture. We meet you where your culture is at, and we tailor our workshops, programs and coaching approach to take your organization to the next level; all whilst working collaboratively with your internal diversity team.


Our complete suite of interventions has a multi-stakeholder approach which we align inside your organisation to create a robust way of developing women leaders, supported by our strategic internal communication plan for your organisation.  We believe delivering a leadership development program for women cannot work as a stand-alone intervention.  Success requires that alliances are built across Line Managers and Program Sponsors.  Our approach is designed to help your organisation move the dial towards an inclusive culture, where leveraging diversity enhances your high performance and business outcomes.

Tap into more potential, maximise your business outcomes, and create an environment supportive of growing your women leaders for tomorrow by contacting us today:

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