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We customise our UNITE learning solutions for the companies we work with in order to meet the people where they are at. We achieve the best outcomes for every organisation by working collaboratively and building evidence-based learning that works.


We facilitate three distinct women’s leadership and development modules which can be delivered across 6 months to make the learning more digestible, with customisation of tools and topics to suit your culture where required.

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UNITE - Module 1

Future-proof your career by working deeply on strengths, self-awareness, personal style, purpose, values, capacity, leadership style, resilience, and your networks. Create a career plan to future-proof your career.

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UNITE - Module 2

Enhance your personal power through how you relate to others. Develop your relationship building skills, learn to coach more effectively, manage conflict, balance assertiveness, and exercise your voice.

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UNITE - Module 3

Inspire others through how you lead. Learn inclusive, adaptive and transformational leadership techniques, hone your decision making and build your team.

Tap into more potential, maximise your business outcomes, and create an environment supportive of growing your women leaders for tomorrow by contacting us today:

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