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WILDA stands for Women in Leadership and Development Alliance.


The WILDA suite of programs were created in 2019 by Karen Rule in response to her client needs around building practical development programs towards inclusion.  Karen is a passionate advocate for advancing women in their careers, so the programs were a natural fit. Through involving senior leaders, of any gender, in the sponsoring and mentoring of women, WILDA programs will have a place in your DEI strategies until there is equal advancement and retention of women in your place of work. 


Karen is a seasoned facilitator of change and an accredited coaching and development expert.  Across her twenty plus years of experience, she has coached and facilitated hundreds of women to develop their leadership capability and navigate the unique hurdles of their careers.  Our coaching graduates report that they are inspired to move forward with confidence in their career path and thrive across many broad areas of their lives after completing a WILDA program.

Karen draws upon innovative facilitation methods, combining the latest business theory with real-world practice and application, to ensure maximum learning impact.  Her WILDA programs encompass leadership development content, expert coaching, workshops on mitigating bias, workshops on effective sponsorship and workshops on how to build inclusive practices into your organisational culture and gender equity planning. Karen is deeply experienced in designing and delivering leadership programs in both the public and private sectors, and across business sectors that cover health, energy, utilities, FMCG, and technology-based companies.

WILDA programs exist to empower women to accelerate their development,   

whilst supporting organisations with a road map towards inclusion for everyone.

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Karen Rule specialises in transforming organisational performance through a focus on inclusive leadership practices and addressing the unique challenges of women in leadership.  Through a combination of consulting, facilitation and coaching, Karen moves the dial forward for her clients around positive cultural change.

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Karen Rule is an experienced and accredited executive coach, having coached hundreds of women to understand their barriers, focus their mindsets, and reach their potential to thrive and flourish in their professional career at work.  Karen holds multiple coaching qualifications, including Level 3 Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

Tap into more potential, maximise your business outcomes, and create an environment supportive of growing your women leaders for tomorrow by contacting us today:

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