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Testimonials from some of the fabulous people we have worked with...

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"Amazing course!  It has answered so many questions I had and has been critical in helping me form the way forward" 

"Loved it all, especially the presentation session by the group. Very inspirational and thought provoking."

"Karen is the most professional and knowledgeable facilitator, coach, and leadership expert I've ever experienced. THANK YOU!"

"I've really enjoyed the program and being stretched and inspired to become a great leader. I've really enjoyed Karen's program - getting to know you and be inspired by your leadership style."

"I have met wonderful people I have not interacted with in the past. The networking opportunity and personal connections are very valuable to me, especially the sponsors."

"Loved how each activity reinforced several areas of learning and gave opportunities to learn from each other."

"Karen, amazing facilitator, this module was outstanding as usual."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Module 1, especially the group of amazing women. I’ve learnt a lot already and have applied this within my team."

“The highlights of the leader session were the unconscious bias neuroscience and the strategies to mitigate against bias. Great to see our most senior leaders role modelling sponsorship.” 

“Really great final module. I wish there was a 4th module just so that the program could continue. It has been a privilege to take part.”

WILDA inclusive leadership

"Without the confidence inspired in me by this program I would never have applied for the position that I have now"

"The content is amazing! I now have the confidence to start planning/implementing the tools and techniques."


"I have learned so much from you (Karen) - it will help me to be a better leader, mum, partner and person in general so thank you both!"


"Thank you for the genuine connection that you've made and the passion you show in the facilitation and presentation."


"You have been so, so clear, concise, sharing, vulnerable, ever-smiling. My confidence has been boosted after this. Please keep going!"


"I truly enjoyed every moment of this program. I loved how the topics were adapted based on group feedback." 


"The varied methods are great to keep everyone engaged. Loved the small groups and reflection time."


"Thank you, Karen, for the amazing facilitation of the module. You demonstrate so much passion and an in depth understanding of the content."

Contact us for a downloadable PDF of our program offerings if you would like to know more.

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